The collaboration between Private Jet Charter and Prestige Holidays Maldives elevates the travel experience by merging luxurious air travel with exclusive holiday packages.

This partnership aims to seamlessly transition clients from private jet journeys to exquisite vacations, underscoring a commitment to excellence and delivering a comprehensive travel solution for their esteemed clientele.

Experience unparalleled luxury travel worldwide with Private Jet Charter, a global leader in private jet rental services and private chartered flights. With over 30 years of experience, our company's excellence lies in our dedication to delivering seamless customer journeys. When you choose Private Jet Charter, you are selecting a trusted partner in the air charter industry backed by a team of UK and US professionals that is available 24/7 and goes above and beyond to cater to your every need

Avier Jet Card
Access the ultimate in Jet Card Membership

Discover the exclusive benefits of the Avier Jet CardExperience unparalleled luxury and convenience when you purchase an Avier Jet Card.

You will have a fixed-price on-demand private jet at your command and tailored to your travel needs.With our prestigious private jet membership program, you will enjoy a range of benefits including access to VIP airport lounges, a choice of catering, a full complimentary bar, VIP and secure check-ins, and more.Download Brochure


Embark on
your adventure
Seek refuge in breathtaking landscapes, where the harmonious blend of community and nature provides a sanctuary for the spirit. Let the journey unfold, revealing the profound impact of travel, stirring awakening and inspiration within. The world awaits your response to its call.

Trawel Hotels is unveiling four new luxurious accommodations in the heart of the Maldives, where the allure of pristine beaches and exceptional diving experiences await. Positioned in the North Ari Atoll, these exclusive retreats are conveniently accessible, with a swift 30-minute seaplane journey or a short domestic flight to a nearby island followed by a speedboat transfer. Your odyssey commences now.

Experience a natural sanctuary at Trawel Hotels Maldives, whether you choose to retreat on land, along the beach, or beneath the sea.


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